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  • N10Z Pheremone Splash

N10Z Pheromone Splash


Product Description

The scentless alternative to TEN By INTENSE... The Power of Pheromones: Some people have more chemical attraction than others and exude more confidence. Scientific evidence suggest this is the power of pheromones. Pheromones are natural attractants that send out airborne signals from the body that are received by others. The chemical mixture of Intense contains human pheromones in a non fragranced alcohol based formula. Market Research: Extensive research on pheromones provides evidence that men felt romantic, alluring, more confident in social situations and they noticed people tended to cluster around them more when they wore Intense. Respondents also reported that others in the work environment seemed friendlier to those that wore Intense. How to wear Intense: Splash Intense on your neck, wrist or area of skin that is exposed to the air. The alcohol scent will evaporate very quickly leaving the pheromones to become airborne and ultimately stimulating the senses of another person.

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